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Improve Efficiency & Reduce Labor Costs

Our services are designed to improve the efficiency of all medical practices and facilities. Our management team has experience running large medical practices and facilities and has built our services around proven strategies to improve efficiency and lower costs.  We understand how critical credentialing is to your organization and work to ensure it’s done in a timely manner.  

We custom design each proposal with the services and strategies that will work best for your organization.  From CAQH credentialing to practice start-ups to complete overhauls of hospital payer enrollment departments, our team is here to help your organization achieve its goals.  With over ten years in business and 150 years of combined payer enrollment experience, there isn’t another company out there that can compare with our service.

Provider Enrollment Services (PES) has designed its service offering to help eliminate the administrative burden faced in healthcare management as it relates to payer enrollment and credentialing.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to do even the simplest of tasks when working with the government or commercial insurance payers.  Tasks such as changing your practice address or phone number that should be a simple letter or email still require hours upon hours of applications and follow-up. 

We are here to help and hope you will take the opportunity to give our services a try.  We specialize in the insurance enrollment and credentialing of new physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and therapists.  Whether you are right out of training, or been in practice for years, our firm of highly specialized and talented individuals can help you with your participation and contracting goals.

No long term contracts required

1000s of providers served over the past 10+ years

Flexible payment terms for maintenance and start-ups

100% of our staff is based in the US

All account managers must have at least 5 years of experience

Credentialing Maintenance Service

We help thousands of providers across the country keep their credentials maintained to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  Unfortunately, most organizations don’t recognize there’s a problem until it is too late and claims are getting denied.  Don’t let this happen to your organization and put your insurance maintenance and credentialing needs in the hands of experts.

Are you struggling to keep CAQH attested for your providers? Is the new ProView interface causing your staff issues? We are here to help with these challenges and have been working with CAQH for nearly ten years. We know the system like the back of our hand and can streamline operations for your organization for a very affordable price. We help thousands of providers stay current and would love to help you.

New Provider Credentialing Service

Whether you’re adding a provider to your private practice or need enrollment services completed for 100s of providers at your facility, our team of specialists are here to help.  We specialize in the insurance enrollment and credentialing of new physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and therapists.  Whether you are right out of training, or been in practice for years, we will walk you through the process and ensure it’s completed in a timely manner.  

Medicare & Medicaid Enrollment Services

Medicare and Medicaid can be a challenge even for the most seasoned pro.  That’s why it is important to partner with a team of experts that understands these entities and can assist you through the process of recovering your money or ensuring the application is completed correctly the first time.  You cannot afford any mistakes and they are easy to make when dealing with government payers.  Reduce your stress and have the assurance of knowing you’re in the hands of experts.

Hospital Credentialing Service

Our hospital credentialing and maintenance services are utilized by facilities across the country to ensure they stay on top of all payer related issues.  We can handle the maintenance, enrollment of any new providers, delegated contract reporting and primary source verification if needed.  Our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with our experienced enrollment professionals, provides hospitals with the services they need to stay in front of this ever evolving payer landscape.

Insurance Contract Negotiations

Have you renegotiated your insurance contracts in the past two years?  Odds are that your’e being underpaid for the services your providing.  With the increasing costs of doing business, it is more important than ever that you collect every possible dollar and renegotiating your contracts is a great way to stop leaving money on the table.  Our team of experts typically obtain 5-10% increases for our clients and some times much more.