Insurance Contract Negotiations

Stop leaving money on the table, you work too hard for it.  Our negotiation services can be utilized to improve your fee schedules and ensure you receive the reimbursement you deserve.  

Have you evaluated your contracts lately?  It’s quite possible that you are being underpaid by your payers.  Our insurance contract negotiation services typically enhance your reimbursements by 7-10% for your top codes.  This is money that you’re leaving on the table and don’t plan on the insurance companies knocking on your door to pay you more.

Our skilled contracting consultants have negotiated hundreds of contracts and will ensure that you receive the best contract possible.  We negotiate every contract based on the top codes and service lines for your particular practice.  Before we ever take on a client, we thoroughly evaluate the current payer agreements and provide an analysis detailing our findings and what we expect to accomplish through the negotiations.