Insurance Enrollment Services & Services

Enrolling with insurance companies is a daunting process but we are here to help. Our nationwide enrollment services are tailored to fit the budget and needs of each client.

Insurance Enrollment and CAQH credentialing are two separate and distinct processes, but one cannot happen without the other as least when it comes to commercial insurance companies.. CAQH credentialing which involves setting up and attesting your CAQH profile, is the first step prior to becoming in-network with the commercial carriers. CAQH is a database that the commercial insurance carriers utilize as a central repository of information for INDIVIDUAL providers. CAQH is not for organizations but is only Insurance Enrollment for Individual providers. If you would like to be enrolled with insurance companies, we can expedite obtaining your CAQH ID, then assist you with becoming in-network with the insurance carriers. If you already have a CAQH ID, we can update your information and start applying for you to become in network with commercial insurance carriers.

There are two parts of insurance enrollment that you must go through if your desire is to become in network with the insurance carriers. 

We offer a variety of different service packages to ensure we have the right solution for every situation.  Our services are offered nationwide with very affordable pricing structures.  All of our staff is based right here in the United States which cannot be said of most credentialing companies.

  • Per payer per provider pricing
  • Package pricing if you need more than 5 payers. 
  • We offer 5-50 payer packages
  • Packages start from $1200-$5000 per provider
  • Credentialing Maintenance to ensure compliance
  • Medicare & Medicaid Individual Application Processing
  • CAQH Credentialing Services