Maintenance & Credentialing Services

Nationwide Enrollment & Credentialing Maintenance Service

Used by 1000s of providers and organizations across the country with superior results.  We eliminate the paperwork and risk associated with insurance contracting & credentialing, Medicaid compliance, Medicare enrollment and CAQH maintenance.

Our maintenance and recredentialing service is designed around two things, and that is efficiency and accuracy.  We help provider organizations, facilities, insurance companies and small physician practices keep their organizations compliant when it comes to provider insurance credentialing and profile maintenance.  The worst thing you could do is ignore your insurance credentialing, as it won’t take long for claims to get denied because a form wasn’t sent in or CAQH wasn’t reattested.  The details mean everything in the insurance and provider maintenance side, so entrust this aspect of your business with experts in the field.

CAQH Maintenance

CAQH is used by the commercial insurance companies for credentialing, Our maintenance agreement covers CAQH attestation and updates which means you never have to log in again. We update the documents on file, attest as needed and ensure all your plans have access to your file.

Medicare Revalidations

You don’t ever have to worry about the lapse of your Medicare credentialing again.  We will handle everything from start to finish for your organization and everyone within your organization.

Payer Address Updates

Adding, deleting or just changing the phone number is all handled as part of our maintenance service agreement.  There will occasionally be additional fees depending on the project scope but most items are covered under the maintenance agreement.

Facility Recredentialing

Whether you need help with your hospital recredentialing application, ASC credentialing or facility DMEPOS renewal, our team of credentialing experts would be happy to help.

Insurance Recredentialing

We handle all of the recredentialing required by commercial PPOs and HMOs.  Whether the payer needs to authenticate their directory, requests updated malpractice certifica tes or they need to verify a CAQH record, we handle all of this as part of our insurance recredentialing service.

License, PLI & DEA Maintenance

In addition to keeping everything updated with the commercial and government payers, we also ensure your providers don’t end up with an expired license or outdated professional liability certificate.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each maintenance account of ours receives a dedicated account manager.  Your account manager handles all communication with payers and ensures your information stays current.