Caqh credentialing

Save time with Our credentialing service

We have researched the options and have attempted to make this the most efficient and affordable CAQH credentialing service available.  We have developed our program with the schedules and budgets of new providers in mind. 

Your time is too valuable to be wasted on chasing a process that really does not make much sense until you have done it a few hundred times.   We assist hundreds of providers every year and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.  Our CAQH credentialing process saves providers on average about 10 hours and reduces the total processing time from 4 weeks to a nominal 3-4 days.  Unfortunately, all providers are mandated to have CAQH ID numbers and go through the tedious process of setting up their online profiles and sharing it with the insurance companies.

To get started with our expedited CAQH credentialing service, click here and follow the outlined steps.

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