Insurance CredentialingProvider Enrollment Services was founded as part of Touchstone Healthcare Solutions’ initiative to solve the challenges faced by healthcare providers.  Provider Enrollment Services is a team of seasoned professionals experienced in insurance enrollment, insurance contracting, provider credentialing, and medicare enrollment.  PES has the talent and tools to move you through the process of insurance enrollment without the headaches typically associated with this process.  The credentialing process is a tedious process, regardless of who’s doing it, which is why it is so important to have experienced partners at your side.  PES was originally part of Physician Practice Specialists which provides a more comprehensive service line to new and existing practices. It was determined that many of our clients simply want an affordable and efficient enrollment service which is why PES came about.  Provider Enrollment Services is focused on provider enrollment or insurance credentialing and everything else that goes along with it. If your needs go beyond just insurance enrollment, we will probably recommend that you speak with a specialist at Physician Practice Specialists.